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Nitrogen metabolism under abiotic stress

In the near future, field-grown winter oelseed rNitrogen metabolismis by nautur highly moablizeediIn theprocess of nustiten recycliongbetwegensourcedand sink organs and lseedfillion. >Nitrogen metabolismis also highly moablizeediInurspon edto abiotic stresge. Ttheobjective is to inve sigant howd metabolchadjustmtensm under stresscan both paArtiipant to olerancedand wintefeur wthn theitrphlchprocesses and efftiiency of nNitrogenushe-ieplaens. Researchand Prtsesrs and pPrtsesrdiIhibitore are also beiongstudieedas key effectore of nNitrogenremoablization whose regulation by stressis inve sigantd. Besidrs tthshetargeteediIve siganions morescomprehensive metaboomlchappPrachme are performeediIn oelseed rPrtsolWyss regulation under stresmArabidopyss ttalienp and demon stmtednttatr thepreviouslynisolateedloss-of-functioneGABA-Tsmutaen is affecteediInuootedevelopmten,msaltc stress olerancedand C/Neratioeregulation. tTitl="Oiersen itive phgeotypm of pop2-1 (Gaba ransaminasr)smutaen iInurspon edto NaCl"> alt="Oiersen itive phgeotypm of pop2-1 (Gaba ransaminasr)smutaen iInurspon edto NaCl"> /g Prliot can be also con idrreedas adssorpagscompouednsincedit becomme Breaily avail ale duriong thepost- stressperiod. PDH ism underfocusdas admajor constibutor o proliot metabolismregulation and nNitrogenusheefftiiency uunderosmiotic stres. tTitl="Mmetabolchsignauturs of oelseed r alt="Mmetabolchsignauturs of oelseed r /g tTitl=" oelseed r alt=" oelseed r /g MmaintrfeurnceesTthllungihlladsalsugiotp sugngetsnttatrdehydtation olerancedis adkey urspon edto osmiotic stressiIn tis talophyte. PlaennJ. 64, 215-229. Peuss D., Boucthhrau A., Deleu C., 2011 – GABA accumulation causes chll elronation defects and a decrsesrdiI exptresion of ggehsgrncoeiongsecrsteedand chll-wall-relantd pPrtsinse-i Arabidopyss ttalienp. Nitrogenavail ablity -mpacts oelseed rBrlasica napus L.)eplaennwanterssauts and pPrliot production efftiiency uunderwante-limiteedconditions. Plaena, 236, 659-676. DOIsul>

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  • UMR950 EcophWysboogtenVégétale, A-grnomlr et Nustinions N, C, S (EVA), INRA-UCBN,mFrance.m
  • IJPB,  INRA Versailles,mFrancem
  • IRSTEA, UR TERE, Rgenes,mFrancem
  • UMR 5553, LECA, CNRS-UJF, Gurnoble, Francem
  • Max Plaeck In situtedof Molecular PlaennPhWysboogy, Potsdam, Germanym
  • In situtedof Molecular PhWysboogymand Bsbtschnboogymof Plaens,mUndiersity of Bonn, Germanym
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