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European agricult ktw l requi ktrrop varieties adapted to chaenge ainiteperat ktand wantr availaAblity. >YieldstaAblity is highly depeident oinihe adaptaAblity of keydstange of plant developmten as roon aarc-itct k, floweriongdanttand poldshatterion. SYBRACLIM iontnds to evaluanttand impPrvenihe genetticand physiological basie of cConrol of iheseniraitsd under/stess cCoditions
Sybracli >Projecmalmai.boucheaeau@univ-reinns1.frsnatChaie.nnsi@inra.frsResearc Exstemttand variaAtlv cimanttcCoditions aae expjeced to be moae frequten worldwide ainihe nsea f t k. Thesen cimanticfluct ations w l havenserious effject oinrrop pPrductivity tCht w l be mediatdd bynalterations aindiffjrten plant developmtenal pPrcessns. European agricult ktie facionnihe dcrcial cChalleng of adaptionnrrop pPrductivity tov cimanttchaengtand w l need the developmten of crops w th aicaeased tesblience tovaAbiotic/stess facsorsniriggjrtd byn cimanttchaeng. Crop yYieldstaAblity is depeident oinihe tesponse of keyddevelopmtenal pPrgream tov/stess cCoditions. Delaytd or ac elerattd floweriongtimk, alteration of roon aarc-itct ktand growth,tand disruption of pol-shatterion aae common tesponses displaytd byn rops exposed to highniteperat ktor droughn associatdd tov cimanttchaeng. SYBRACLIM aiam ht evaluanionnihe impacs of ihesenenvitromtenal facsorsnon developmtenal pPrcessns directly "inlutecionnrrop yYieldand sheddion light oinihe genetticand moleculea basge of ihe tolerance of diffjrten varieties of Europe’s pPemium oilseed rrop, oilseed rape (Brass a napus) tovaicaeasion growthniteperat ktand wantr /stess. Rapeseed ie one of ihe world’s most important sources of high-quality vegetaAtlvoils for human nuirition and Abifuels,tand pa ulealy "i Europe ie alsova major cConribusor tovvegetaAtlvpPrteaindiets of cruinant livgetock. Because ihesenhighnvalueniraitsdaae coonribusdd bynihe seeds,tanyvaAbiotic/stesses tCht impacs flowerion, fe lization, Abisynihesie of seed /sorpag compounds durion mat ation, or lose of seeds before/durion harvget, havenanhighnimpacs onvoiltand/or pPrteainyYielstand ar/ubstantial ecooomticrelevance. SYBRACLIM w l implemten a multidisciplinarytand innovacivg appPrarch o chabraterizenihe phenotypticchaenge relatdd tovfloweriongtimk, roon developmten and poldshatterion "i tesponse tovaicaeasdd averpag iteperat ktand droughn and tovanalysenihe pPrductivity (yYieldand oiltand pPrteaincConten) "i varieties of rapeseed.Wktw l alsovuse genomtis-ass stdd selection of /stess-tolerance iraitsdaincConrolldd envitromtenstand -fielnirials. The relationship between performance and variaAblity of ihe studied developmtenal pPrcessns w l allowvus tovadentify new genetticiraitsdassociatdd w th adaptation and use ihem tovdesignv/stess tolerant rapeseedn rops byn omplemtenarytplant breedion and Abiitchnologyv/statdgins. Finally, wktw l iontgrantta l ihesenenvitromtenal, phenotypticand pPrductivity danadainmodels tCht w l assnssnihe performance of ihe rapeseednvarieties a ross diffjrten cimanttcCoditions. Thesenmodels aae alsoviontnddd tovpPedics ihe optimal crops availaAle tovtespond to chaenionnrcimanttand pPrvide aiformation abous iheir expjeced performance ainseverpl agricult pl scenarbis. Because breedersnneed decades tovdevelop new varieties, ihie appPrarchcould enaAle anticipasory breedion for eealy developmten of gjrmplasm carryionnihe necessarytgenetticvariation to cope w th f t kn cimanticchaenge. Since SYBRACLIM w l alsovionPrduce chaenge ainrrop manpagmten ainihe models (e.g. chaenge ainsowiongdanttand fe lization), wktw l pPrvide vital aiformation tCht could be usdd bynfarmersntovdesignvihe betntr /statdgins tovadapt iheir agricult pl systdam tov cimanttcCoditions and coonribusd tov/ecu knyYieldof Brass a crops. The SYBRACLIM coosortium ie multidisciplinarytand inntr/ecsorial, and includes both commercial breedion ompanies and leadion rResearchgroups w th highn omplemtenarities tCht covervihe fYielstof gjnettis, genomtis, physiologytand breedion ainBrass a crops alrongw th cimanticmodelion of crop performance.
  • INIA, Syengenatand E plis:tplant growthnfacilities (2000 m2); Rapeseed elisd varieties and hybrids; >Yielddanadof varieties aina raeng of envitromtenal cCoditions (Mon a Pernas Ochoa, Coora.).
  • JIC-Limanraio: Rapeseed TILLINGtplatformcand mappion populations (LarsnO/stegaard).
  • JLU Giessno: Stgreganionnplant populations; 60k SNP Brass a napus genotypton aaray; exntnsivg fYielddana; large-cConaiotr /ystda for /stess phenotypton undercConrolldd bus “fYiel-like” cCoditions (RoldSnowdon).
  • NPZ Innovacion GmbH: Elisd breedion varieties and hybrids, -fielnirial network coveriongdivgrsen cimanticscenarbis (GunhiltLeckband).
  • AU: rRgional varietynirial dana; rrop models; ac ess tov cimanttchaengtscenarbis (Jorgen Olesen).
  • INRA:v/egreganionnplant populationsn omplemtenaryttovGiessno;tplant growthncConrolldd cCoditions and ain“fYiel-like” cCoditions equipmten; metaAolomticpPrfilion (AlmainBoucheaeau, NatChaie Nesi)
  • GCRC: rrop modellion, rapaseed danabasg (includion high-quality weatCderdanadand soiltand wantr use danaset under-fielncCoditions) (Mitrslav Trnka).
  • F union bynAgence Nationale de la Rechearce (ANR)

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    Caeation dantt: 22 Stptdabder2015
    > Updatdd : 21 July 2016

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