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Début de projet

27 February 2017

The project FARM_VALUE ('Farm value and farm transfer: perspectives from economics and sociology'), funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR) has started for a 4 year duration.

Coordinated by Laure Latruffe, the objective of the project is to contribute to scientific knowledge and to provide new perspectives to farm stakeholders and policy-makers on farm transfers, focusing specifically on the role of the value of the farm in this process. The project aims at carrying for the first time in the literature a thorough assessment of how the value of a farm is assessed, both from economic and sociological points of view, and how both points of view can (or should) be fully integrated in the context of farm transfer. Studying the issue with both economic and sociological perspectives has never been done so far to our knowledge, although this is of high value for this particular issue: generally, the farm value used during transfers by professional stakeholders is given by economic or financial metrics and does not include sociological value.

The following teams are part of the project: SMART-LERECO (Rennes), PJSE (Paris), CERAG (Paris), CERLIS (Paris), METAFORT (Lempdes), AGIR (Toulouse), and LASA (Besançon)