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Academic articles

Academic articles: List of articles published in scientific journals with peer review, per year


  • Ay, J.-S., Latruffe, L. (2017).
    The Informational Content of Land Price and its Relevance for Environmental Issues.
    International Review of Environmental and Resource Economics, 10: 3-4, pp. 183-226.
  • Dumont, B., Dupraz, P., Sabatier, R., Donnars, C. (2017).
    "A collective scientific assessment of the roles, impacts, and services associated with livestock production systems in Europe."
    Fourrages (229), pp. 63-76.
  • Fertő, I., Bakucs, L. Z., Bojnec, S., Latruffe, L. (2017).
    "East-West European farm investment behaviour: The role of financial constraints and public support."
    Spanish Journal of Agricultural Research, 15 (1), e01SC01
  • Gohin, A., Levert, F., Forslund, A. (2017).
    "The EU-Argentinean trade dispute on biodiesel: an economic assesment."
    German Journal of Agricultural Economics, 66 (1), pp. 44-59.
  • Juan, G., Barataud, F., Billy, C., Bouchet, L., Carpentier, A., Gouy, V., Le Hénaff, G., Voltz, M. (2017).
    "Un référentiel sur les outils et dispositifs de production de références issus de travaux scientifiques en vue de réduire les pollutions diffuses des ressources en eau dues aux pesticides."
    (2017). "Could EU dairy quota removal favour some dairy production systems over others? The case of French dairy production systems."
    Agricultural Systems, 153, pp. 1-10.
  • Latruffe, L., Bravo-Ureta, B. E., Carpentier, A., Desjeux, Y., Moreira, V. H. (2017).
    (2017). "Could EU dairy quota removal favour some dairy production systems over others? The case of French dairy production systems."
    Agricultural Systems, 153, pp. 1-10.
  • Pellerin, S. (Auteur de correspondance), Bamière, L., Angers, D., Béline, F., Benoit, M., Butault, J.-P., Chenu, C., Colnenne-David, C., De Cara, S., Delame, N., Doreau, M., Dupraz, P., Faverdin, P., Garcia-Launay, F., Hassouna, M., Hénault, C., Jeuffroy, M.-H., Klumpp, K., Metay, A., Moran, D., Recous, S., Samson, E., Savini, I., Pardon, L., Chemineau, P. (2017).
    "Identifying cost-competitive greenhouse gas mitigation potential of French agriculture."
    Environmental Science and Policy, 77, pp. 130-139.
  • Salou, T., Van Der Werf, H., Levert, F., Forslund, A., Hercule, J., Le Mouel, C. (2017).
    "Could EU dairy quota removal favour some dairy production systems over others? The case of French dairy production systems."
    Agricultural Systems, 153, pp. 1-10.


  • Ben Slimane, M., Huchet-Bourdon, M., Zitouna, H. (2016).
    "The role of sectoral FDI in promoting agricultural production and improving food security."
    Economie Internationale, 145: May 2016, pp. 50-65.
  • Berriet-Solliec, M., LAIDIN, C. (2016)
    "Leader pour les campagnes littorales. Une analyse critique"
    Economie Rurale, 1: 351, pp. 25–47.
  • Dakpo, H., Jeanneaux, P., Latruffe, L. (2016).
    "Modelling pollution-generating technologies in performance benchmarking: Recent developments, limits and future prospects in the nonparametric framework."
    European Journal of Operational Research, 250: 2, pp. 347–359.
  • Dakpo, K. H., Jeanneaux, P., Latruffe, L. (2016).
    "Greenhouse gas emissions and efficiency in French sheep meat farming: A non-parametric framework of pollution-adjusted technologies."
    European Review of Agricultural Economics, 44: 1 , pp. 33-65.
  • De Cara, S., Fournier, A., Gaigné, C. (2016).
    Local Food, urbanization, and transport-related greenhouse gas emissions.
    Journal of Regional Science, 57: 1, pp. 75-108.
  • Duvaleix-Treguer, S., Soler, L. G. (2016).
    "Prescriptive labeling of food products: a suitable policy instrument?."
    Revue d'Economie Politique, 126: 5, pp. 895-919.
  • Etrillard, C. (2016).
    Paiements pour services environnementaux : nouveaux instruments de politique publique environnementale.
    Développement Durable et Territoires, Vol. 7: 1.
  • Etrillard, C. (2016).
    "Du bien public aux biens d'utilité collective. Quelle qualification pour les biens environnementaux ?."
    Les Petites affiches, 28 octobre 2016 : 216, pp. 7-12.
  • Etrillard, C. (2016).
    "La compensation écologique : une opportunité pour les agriculteurs ? "
    Revue de Droit Rural, 441, pp. 12–18.
  • Femenia, F., Letort, E. (2016). 
    "How to significantly reduce pesticide use: An empirical evaluation of the impacts of pesticide taxation associated with a change in cropping practice."
    Ecological Economics, 125, pp. 27-37.
  • Gaigné, C., Duvaleix-Treguer, S. (2016).
    "On the nature and magnitude of cost economies in hog production."
    Agricultural Economics, 47: 4, pp. 465–476.
  • Gaigné, C., Larue, B. (2016).
    "Quality standards, industry structure and welfare in a global economy."
    American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 98: 5, pp. 1432-1449.
  • Gaigné, C., Riou, S., Thisse, J.-F. (2016).
    "How to make the metropolitan area work? Neither big government, nor laissez-faire."
    Journal of Public Economics, 134, pp. 100-113.
  • Gaigné, C., Schmitt, B., Sevestre, P., Simioni, M. (2016)
    "Editorial to the special issue in memory of Jean-Pierre Huiban"
    Review of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Studies, 97: 2 pp. 85–87.
  • Ghali, M., Latruffe, L., Daniel, K. (2016).
    "Efficient use of energy resources on french farms: an analysis through technical efficiency."
    Energies, 9: 8, p. 601.
  • Gohin, A. (2016).
    "Understanding the revised CARB estimates of the land use changes and greenhouse gas emissions induced by biofuels."
    Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 56, pp. 402–412.
  • Laroche-Dupraz, C., Huchet-Bourdon, M. (2016).
    "Agricultural support and vulnerability of food security to trade in developing countries."
    Food Security, 8: 6, pp. 1191–1206.
  • Latruffe, L., Desjeux, Y. (2016).
    "Common Agricultural Policy support, technical efficiency and productivity change in french agriculture."
    Review of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Studies, 97: 1, pp. 15-28.
  • Latruffe, L., Diazabakana, A., Bockstaller, C., Desjeux, Y., Finn, J., Kelly, E., Ryan, M., Uthes, S. (2016).
    "Measurement of sustainability in agriculture: a review of indicators."
    Studies in Agricultural Economics, 118 :3, pp. 123-130.
  • Lesur-Irichabeau, G., Guyader, O., Frésard, M., Le Roy, C., Latouche, K., Le Grel, L.
    "Information on sellers and buyers characteristics: added value to explain price formation at primary fish markets in managed French scallop fisheries"
    Applied Economics, 2016, 48: 22, pp. 1–15.
  • Minviel, J. J., Latruffe, L. (2016).
    "Effect of public subsidies on farm technical efficiency: a meta-analysis of empirical results."
    Applied Economics, 49: 2, pp. 213-226.
  • Ricome, A., Chaib, K., Ridier, A., Kephaliacos, C., Carpy-Goulard, F. (2016). "The role of marketing contracts in the adoption of low input practices in the presence of income supports: an application to the Southwestern France." Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 41: 3, pp. 347-371
  • Ridier A., Chaib, K., Roussy,C., (2016).
    " A Dynamic Stochastic Programming model of crop rotation choice to test the adoption of long rotation under price and production risks"
    European Journal of Operational Research, 252: 1, pp. 270-279.
  • Saint-cyr, L.D.F., Piet, L. (2016).
    "Movers and stayers in the farming sector: accounting for unobserved heterogeneity in structural change."
    Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series C Applied Statistics, 17 November 2016, Online. DOI : 10.1111/rssc.12196
  • Salou, T., Le Mouel, C., Van Der Werf, H. (2016).
    "Environmental impacts of dairy system intensification: the functional unit matters!."
    Journal of Cleaner Production, 140: 2, pp. 445–454.
  • Turolla, S. (2016).
    "Spatial Competition in the French Supermarket Industry."
    Annals of Economics and Statistics, June 2016: 121-122, pp. 213-259.


  • Allain, M.-L., Chambolle, C., Turolla, S. (2015).
    "Politique tarifaire locale ou nationale : Quel impact pour le contrôle des concentrations dans le secteur de la distribution ?."
    Revue Economique (Octobre 2015), pp. 813-840.
  • Allaire, G., Poméon, T., Maigné, E., Cahuzac, E., Simioni, M., Desjeux, Y. (2015).
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  • Ben Slimane, M., Huchet-Bourdon, M., Zitouna, H. (2016).
    "The role of sectoral FDI in promoting agricultural production and improving food security."
    Economie Internationale, 145: May 2016, pp. 50-65
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    "A cultural model of private provision and the environment."
    Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 71, pp. 109-124.
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    "Des arbres dans les parcelles agricoles : vers un renouveau de l'agroforesterie en France ?"
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  • Latruffe, L., Mann, S. (2015).
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