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Academic articles

Academic articles: List of articles published in scientific journals with peer review, per year


  • Ben Slimane, M., Huchet-Bourdon, M., Zitouna, H. (2016).
    "The role of sectoral FDI in promoting agricultural production and improving food security."
    Economie Internationale, 145: May 2016, pp. 50-65.
  • Berriet-Solliec, M., LAIDIN, C. (2016)
    "Leader pour les campagnes littorales. Une analyse critique"
    Economie Rurale, 1: 351, pp. 25–47.
  • Dakpo, H., Jeanneaux, P., Latruffe, L. (2016).
    "Modelling pollution-generating technologies in performance benchmarking: Recent developments, limits and future prospects in the nonparametric framework."
    European Journal of Operational Research, 250: 2, pp. 347–359.
  • Duvaleix-Treguer, S., Soler, L. G. (2016).
    "Prescriptive labeling of food products: a suitable policy instrument?."
    Revue d'Economie Politique, 126: 5, pp.895-919.
  • Etrillard, C. (2016).
    Paiements pour services environnementaux : nouveaux instruments de politique publique environnementale.
    Développement Durable et Territoires, Vol. 7: 1.
  • Etrillard, C. (2016).
    "Du bien public aux biens d'utilité collective. Quelle qualification pour les biens environnementaux ?."
    Les Petites affiches, 28 octobre 2016 : 216, pp. 7-12.
  • Etrillard, C. (2016).
    "La compensation écologique : une opportunité pour les agriculteurs ? "
    Revue de Droit Rural, 441, pp. 12–18.
  • Femenia, F., Letort, E. (2016). 
    "How to significantly reduce pesticide use: An empirical evaluation of the impacts of pesticide taxation associated with a change in cropping practice."
    Ecological Economics, 125, pp. 27-37.
  • Gaigné, C., Duvaleix-Treguer, S. (2016).
    "On the nature and magnitude of cost economies in hog production."
    Agricultural Economics, 47: 4, pp. 465–476.
  • Gaigné, C., Larue, B. (2016).
    "Quality standards, industry structure and welfare in a global economy."
    American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 98: 5, pp. 1432-1449.
  • Gaigné, C., Riou, S., Thisse, J.-F. (2016).
    "How to make the metropolitan area work? Neither big government, nor laissez-faire."
    Journal of Public Economics, 134, pp. 100-113.
  • Gaigné, C., Schmitt, B., Sevestre, P., Simioni, M. (2016)
    "Editorial to the special issue in memory of Jean-Pierre Huiban"
    Review of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Studies, 97: 2 pp. 85–87.
  • Ghali, M., Latruffe, L., Daniel, K. (2016).
    "Efficient use of energy resources on french farms: an analysis through technical efficiency."
    Energies, 9: 8, p. 601.
  • Gohin, A. (2016).
    "Understanding the revised CARB estimates of the land use changes and greenhouse gas emissions induced by biofuels."
    Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 56, pp. 402–412.
  • Laroche-Dupraz, C., Huchet-Bourdon, M. (2016).
    "Agricultural support and vulnerability of food security to trade in developing countries."
    Food Security, 8: 6, pp. 1191–1206.
  • Latruffe, L., Desjeux, Y. (2016).
    "Common Agricultural Policy support, technical efficiency and productivity change in french agriculture."
    Review of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Studies, 97: 1, pp. 15-28.
  • Latruffe, L., Diazabakana, A., Bockstaller, C., Desjeux, Y., Finn, J., Kelly, E., Ryan, M., Uthes, S. (2016).
    "Measurement of sustainability in agriculture: a review of indicators."
    Studies in Agricultural Economics, 118 :3, pp. 123-130.
  • Lesur-Irichabeau, G., Guyader, O., Frésard, M., Le Roy, C., Latouche, K., Le Grel, L.
    "Information on sellers and buyers characteristics: added value to explain price formation at primary fish markets in managed French scallop fisheries"
    Applied Economics, 2016, 48: 22, pp. 1–15.
  • Minviel, J. J., Latruffe, L. (2016).
    "Effect of public subsidies on farm technical efficiency: a meta-analysis of empirical results."
    Applied Economics, 49: 2, pp. 213-226.
  • Ricome, A., Chaib, K., Ridier, A., Kephaliacos, C., Carpy-Goulard, F. (2016). "The role of marketing contracts in the adoption of low input practices in the presence of income supports: an application to the Southwestern France." Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 41: 3, pp. 347-371
  • Ridier A., Chaib, K., Roussy,C., (2016).
    " A Dynamic Stochastic Programming model of crop rotation choice to test the adoption of long rotation under price and production risks"
    European Journal of Operational Research, 252: 1, pp. 270-279.
  • Saint-cyr, L.D.F., Piet, L. (2016).
    "Movers and stayers in the farming sector: accounting for unobserved heterogeneity in structural change."
    Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series C Applied Statistics, 17 November 2016, Online. DOI : 10.1111/rssc.12196
  • Salou, T., Le Mouel, C., Van Der Werf, H. (2016).
    "Environmental impacts of dairy system intensification: the functional unit matters!."
    Journal of Cleaner Production, 140: 2, pp. 445–454.
  • Turolla, S. (2016).
    "Spatial Competition in the French Supermarket Industry."
    Annals of Economics and Statistics, June 2016: 121-122, pp. 213-259.


  • Allain, M.-L., Chambolle, C., Turolla, S. (2015).
    "Politique tarifaire locale ou nationale : Quel impact pour le contrôle des concentrations dans le secteur de la distribution ?."
    Revue Economique (Octobre 2015), pp. 813-840.
  • Allaire, G., Poméon, T., Maigné, E., Cahuzac, E., Simioni, M., Desjeux, Y. (2015).
    "Territorial analysis of the diffusion of organic farming in France: Between heterogeneity and spatial dependence."
    Ecological Indicators, 59: Décembre 2015, pp. 70-81.
  • Ben Slimane, M., Huchet-Bourdon, M., Zitouna, H. (2016).
    "The role of sectoral FDI in promoting agricultural production and improving food security."
    Economie Internationale, 145: May 2016, pp. 50-65
  • Bezin, E. (2015).
    "A cultural model of private provision and the environment."
    Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 71, pp. 109-124.
  • Ben Arfa, N., Daniel, K., Jacquet, F., Karantininis, K (2015).
    "Agricultural policies and structural change in French dairy farms: a nonstationary Markov model"
    Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics, 63: 1, pp. 19-42.
  • Bouamra-Mechemache, Z., Duvaleix-Treguer, S., Magdelaine, P., Ridier, A., Rieu, M., You, G. (2015).
    "Contractualisation et modes de coordination dans les filières animales - Introduction."
    Economie Rurale, 345, pp. 4-6.
  • Bouamra-Mechemache, Z., Duvaleix-Treguer, S., Ridier, A. (2015).
    "Contrats et modes de coordination en agriculture."
    Economie Rurale, 345, pp. 7-28.
  • Carpentier, A., Gohin, A., Sckokai, P., Thomas, A. (2015).
    "Economic modelling of agricultural production: past advances and new challenges."
    Revue d'Etudes en Agriculture et Environnement, 96: 1, pp. 131-165
  • Chatellier, V., Magdelaine, P., Trégaro, Y. (2015).
    "La compétitivité de la filière volaille de chair française : entre doutes et espoirs."
    INRA Productions Animales, 28: 5, 411-428.
  • Chen, X., Samson, E., Tocqueville, A., Aubin, J. (2015).
    "Environmental assessment of trout farming in France by life cycle assessment: using bootstrapped principal component nalysis to better define system classification."
    Journal of Cleaner Production, 87, pp. 87–95.
  • Cheptea, A., Latouche, K., Emlinger, C. (2015).
    "Multinational Retailers and Home Country Food Exports."
    American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 97: 1, pp. 159-179.
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    "Evaluating the impact of rural development measures on nature value indicators at different spatial levels: Application to France and The Netherlands".
    Ecological Indicators, 59, pp.41-61.
  • Dupraz, P., Latruffe, L. (2015).
    "Trends in family labour, hired labour and contract work on French field crop farms: The role of the Common Agricultural Policy."
    Food Policy, 51, pp. 104-18.
  • Etrillard, C. (2015).
    "Contrats et écosystèmes agricoles. Des mesures agroenvironnementales aux paiements pour services environnementaux."
    Droit de l'Environnement, 237, pp.293-303.
  • Etrillard, C. (2015).
    "Des arbres dans les parcelles agricoles : vers un renouveau de l'agroforesterie en France ?"
    Revue de Droit Rural, 429, pp. 19-24.
  • Etrillard, C., Pech, M. (2015).
    "Mesures de compensation écologique : risques ou opportunités pour le foncier agricole en France."
    VertigO, 15: 2.
  • Femenia, F. (2015).
    "The effects of direct storage subsidies under limited rationality: a general equilibrium analysis."
    Agricultural Economics, 46: 6, pp.715-728.
  • Gaigné, C., Zénou, Y. (2015).
    "Agglomeration, city size, and crime."
    European Economic Review, pp. 62-82.
  • Gouin, S. (2015).
    "Quality of Meat Products : What Kind of Marketing Strategies are useful to create an added value?."
    Meat Research, Vol 29: 2, pp.15-20.
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    World Economy, 38: 2, pp. 1312-1334.
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  • Latruffe, L., Mann, S. (2015).
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  • Ropars-Collet, C., Leplat, M., Le Goffe, P., Lesueur, M. (2015).
    "La pêche professionnelle est-elle un facteur d’attractivité récréative sur le littoral ?."
    Revue Economique, 66: 4, pp. 653-678.
  • Salladarré, F., Brécard, D., Lucas, S., Ollivier, P.(2015)
    "Are French consumers ready to pay a premium for eco-labelled seafood products? "
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  • Tavéra, C., Poutineau, J.-C., Pentecôte, J.-S., Cadoret-David, I., Charpentier, A., Guéguen, C., Huchet, M., Licheron, J., L'Oeillet, G., Payelle, N., Pommier, S. (2015).
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