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Why some proteins are digested more slowly than others

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Caseins, the major milk proteins, are digested more slowly than other milk proteins, especially soluble proteins. This resistance to digestion induces subsequent metabolic outcomes.

Casein undergoes many post-translational modifications, eg. glycosylation and phosphorylation, which could account for its resistance to digestion. To verify this hypothesis, the glycosylated or unglycosylated caseinomacropeptide and the phosphorylated or unphosphorylated ß-casein (1-25) peptide were digested by intestinal enzymes of the brush border membrane vesicles.  

The kinetics and identification of peptides released throughout digestion show:

  • unglycosylated caseinomacropeptide and unphosphorylated peptide are more quickly digested than forms having post-translational modifications
  • both the glycosylation core and the number of the glycosylated chain modified the kinetics; the most heavily glycosylated forms being the slowest digested
  • both glycosylations and phosphorylations limited the action of endopeptidases.
Cinétique de digestion


Digestion kinetics are two times higher for the unphosphorylated ß-casein peptide (open symbol)
than for the phosphorylated (black symbol).


The post-translational modifications are implicated in the resistance of casein to digestion.
This resistance may be correlated to dietary allergy.




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Boutrou R., Coirre E., Jardin J., Léonil J.. (2010). Phosphorylation and coordination link of mineral inhibit the hydrolysis of the ß-casein (1-25) peptide by intestinal brush-border membrane enzymes, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 58: 7955-7961.


Boutrou R., Jardin J.,. Blais A., Tomé D., and Léonil J. (2008). Glycosylations of k-casein-derived caseinomacropeptide reduce its accessibility to endo- but not exo- intestinal brush border membrane peptidases, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, 56: 8166-8173.


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