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Articles 2016

Ado, M.N.; Guero, Y.; Michot, D.; Soubeiga, B.; Kiesse, T.S.; Walter, C. 2016. Phytodesalinization of irrigated saline Vertisols in the Niger Valley by Echinochloa stagnina. Agricultural Water Management. 177, 229-240 10.1016/j.agwat.2016.07.024

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Edouard, N.; Hassouna, M.; Robin, P.; Faverdin, P. 2016. Low degradable protein supply to increase nitrogen efficiency in lactating dairy cows and reduce environmental impacts at barn level. Animal. 10 (2), 212-220 10.1017/s1751731115002050

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Ouvrages/Chapitres d'ouvrages 2016

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