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soil agro and hydrosystem

soil agro and hydrosystem


PhD defence of Joel Aubin 24/03/2014

Contribution of LCA to environmental assessment of fish farming

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Séminaire IGCS 11-13 décembre 2013

Séminaire national du « Programme Inventaire, Gestion et Conservation des Sols (IGCS) partageons la connaissance des sols »

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Thèse d' Alban DE LAVENNE 28/11/2013

Modélisation hydrologique à base géomorphologique de bassins versants non jaugés par régionalisation et transposition d'hydrogramme.

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PhD defence of Macoumba LOUM on 15th november 2012

Contribution à l’étude de durabilité d’un système de production en milieu sahélien : cas de l’agrosystème de Khelcom dans le bassin arachidier du Sénégal

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PhD defence of Cyril BENHAMOU on 15th november 2012

Modeling the interaction between fields and a surrounding hedgerow network and its impact on water and nitrogen flows of a small watershed

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PhD defence of Thi-Tuyet-Hanh Nguyen on 21th December 2012

Life cycle assessment of cattle production: exploring practices and system changes to reduce environmental impacts

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PhD defence of Marine LACOSTE on 30th november 2012

Soil evolution at the landscape scale under changing climate and landscape structure

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The JRU in brief

The Joint Research Unit Soil, Agro- and Hydro-systems, spatialization (UMR SAS) is established in Rennes with a secondary site in Quimper.

We study the interactions between agriculture and the environment using a integrative and spatialized approach of rural areas. Our main interests are water, nitrogen carbon and phosphorus cycles in cultivated landscapes, as well as multi-criteria assessment of agrosystems. Our research contributes to elaborate sustainable agricultural systems, to improve rural landscape management, to preserve natural resources such as water, soil, atmosphere and landscape quality.

UMR SAS includes experts in soil science, hydrology, agronomy, environmental assessment, animal science, bioclimatology and geomatics. It develops models and computer-based tools (MEANS platform, TERRIT’EAU, SYST’N, GEOSAS…) and runs long term experimental facilities such as   Agrhys catchments, EFELE site and MEGEVE plateforms. It is part of the OSUR research consortium and maintain regular collaborations with many institutions around the world.