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2017 : ADNC is becoming the NGB team of the Numecan Institute

For more informations :

The department “Food and Digestive, Nervous and Behavioural Adaptations” (ADNC) is the research department 1341 attached to the Division of  Nutrition, Chemical Food Safety and Consumer Behaviour (AlimH) of the INRA. The ADNC department defined two main research orientations:

  • Digestive, central and behavioural responses of the adult in a deleterious nutritional environment;
  • Consequences of early nutrition on the digestive physiology and eating behaviour of the adult, and interaction with the adult’s nutritional environment.

A third research orientation, of a methodological nature, is dedicated to functional imaging developments in relation with the IBISA-labelled imaging platform that is attached to the ADNC department.

Aside from its scientific program that is in line with two of the research fields of the AlimH division, entitled “nutrient sensing and consumer feeding behaviour” and “digestive functions: relationships between food, digestive contents and gastrointestinal wall”, the ADNC department is strongly involved in the following missions:

  • Promote the (mini)pig model and functional imaging for nutrition research, through national and international collaborations;
  • Propose higher education courses and student supervision in collaboration with various academic entities;
  • Contribute to the science-society interaction, notably in relation with nutrition and health;
  • Favour the partnership with medical and industrial sectors, in the perspective of innovation.