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IGEPP in figures 

  • 47 INRA research scientists
  • 14 AGROCAMPUS OUEST professors and assistant professors
  • 10 University Rennes 1 professors and assistant professors
  • 116 technicians (indoor and outdoor)
  • 15 professional scientists and technicians
  • 27 PhD students
  • 5 research teams
  • 1 support team
  • 6 technological platforms
  • 1 French Program “Investments for the Future“ coordinated (Rapsodyn) et 4 co-partners (PeaMUST, GENIUS, Breedwheat, Aker)
  • €4 m annual budget 
  • Created January 1st 2012

Useful links

IGEPP is a French public Institute under the authority of two French Ministeries:
Ministry of Agriculture Ministère de l'Agriculture, de l’Agroalimentaire et de la Forêt
Ministry of Research Ministère de l'Enseignement supérieur et de la recherche

As a joint research unit for research and higher education, IGEPP's staff is composed of people from:
INRA French National Institute for Agricultural Research: The largest Agricultural Research Institute in Europe
AGROCAMPUS OUEST Institute for Life, Food and Horticultural Sciences, and Landscaping
University of Rennes 1

IGEPP is attached to two INRA divisions:
Division for Plant Health and the Environment
Division for Plant Biology and Breeding


IGEPP is situated in North-Western France – only 2 hours from Paris – and is spread across five locations.

  • Ploudaniel: 30 people working mainly on genetic resistance to the most damaging pathogens of potato culture: late blight, nematodes and viruses. This site also hosts the BrACySol Biological Resource Center.
  • Le Rheu and Rennes: INRA, AGROCAMPUS OUEST and University of Rennes 1.
  • Angers: AGROCAMPUS OUEST entomologists of the EGI team working on plant insect interactions, local adaptation and integrated pest management.
IGEPP Research units localisation