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IGEPP's Greenhouses and Experimental Devices Platform

  Greenhouses and experimental devices platform

The Greenhouses and Experimental Devices Platform team aims to manage greenhouses and experimental devices (tunnels, growth  and phytotronics chambers, cold rooms…) and to provide research projects with plant material for experiments. The team is also involved in the design, improvement and building of prototypes.

This platform is internal to IGEPP and matches the demands of IGEPP teams and scientific programs.



The team is composed of Laurent Charlon, Jean-Paul Constantin, Frédéric Le Tertre, Jean-Marie Lucas and Patrick Rolland.

  • Greenhouses: 10 covering 4,000 m2
  • Tunnels : 15 covering 6,400 m2
  • Growth chambers: 51 including one 38 m2phytotronic chamber 
  • Cold rooms: 7 covering 80 m2
  • Technical building: 873 m2

Productions 2014

  • 90 000 rape plantlets and 15 750 adult plants
  •   4 000 wheat plantlets and 1 750 adult plants
  • 13 900 pea plantlets and 6 770 adult plants
  •  3 000 adult plants of tobacco
  •  2 000 adult plants of potato
  •     500 adult plants of arabidopsis