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Aleochara bipustulata

The microbiote of the root maggot and of its natural enemies: rich, but not shared

The root maggot Delia radicum is a major pest of cole crops and its main natural enemies are the predator and parasitoid rove beetles Aleochara...
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The delay in arrival of the parasitoid Diaeretiella rapae influences the efficiency of cabbage aphid biological control

The efficiency of the biological control strategies based on parasitoids, either as a release or a conservative measure, depends on the timely...
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Larve J2 du nématode à kystes de la betterave Heterodera schachtii

Understanding and quantifying consanguineous mating in phytoparasitic nematodes for an improved plant resistances management

Some organisms have low dispersal ability, as phytoparasitic nematodes in soils, reducing the probability to find a sexual partner genetically...
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