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BrACySol Biological Resource Center

The BrACySol Biological Resource Center belongs to the national network of Plant Biological Resource Centers. It manages three national networks: the ‘Cole Crops’ network, the ‘Brassica oilseed crops’ network, and the potato network. It participates to the Cynara network which is managed by GEVES Cavaillon.
The BrACySol BRC takes part in the European ECP/GR network (Allium, Brassica and Potato working groups).

Cytogenetic and Polyploidy Group

All team members working on polyploidy and recombination belong to the national group “Cytogenetic and Polyploidy”, leaded by O. Coriton from our team and E. Jenczewski (UMR IJPB, Versailles). This group gathers scientists from universities and institutes mainly from France, UK and The Czech Republic. An annual meeting anables to share new insights in recombination and polyploidy.

Brassica Sequencing International Project

Our team is a member of the International Brassica Sequencing project which coordinates the different national initiatives on Brassica sequencing. We are involved in the sequencing of Brassica napus coordinated by B. Chalhoub (UMR URGV, Evry). A bioinformatics platform on polyploidy genome analysis leaded by G.Lassalle is under development in collaboration with UMR Symbiose, IRISA, Rennes.