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The Rapsodyn Project

  • 8 year programme, started in 2012
  • 20 m€ of which 6 m€ are funded under the French Program “Investments for the Future“
  • Coordinator: Nathalie Nesi
  • Contact:

The Convigour Project

  • 3 year programme, started in 2011
  • Plant KBBE Project Call (Transnational PLant Alliance for Novel Technologies – towards implementing the Knowledge-Based Bio-Economy in Europe
  • Coordinator:Dr. Gunhild Leckband (German Seed Alliance GmbH, Germany) – French coordinator: Dr. Nathalie Nesi
  • Contact:

The Genergy Project

  • 4 year project, 2008-2012
  • Total budget is ca. 3,5 m€ of which 1 m€ were funded by the French Research Agency (ANR)
  • Coordinator: Dr. Nathalie Nesi (UMR1349 IGEPP – INRA Rennes, France)
  • Contact:

The Genius Project

The Sybraclim Project