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Articles 2010

Articles published in 2010

Auger B., Marnet N., Gautier V., Maia-Grondard A., Leprince F., Renard M., Guyot S., Nesi N. & Routaboul J.M. (2010). A Detailed Survey of Seed Coat Flavonoids in Developing Seeds of  Brassica napus L.Journal of agricultural and food chemistry, 58: 6246-6256. DOI

Burstenbinder K., Waduwara I., Schoor S., Moffatt B.A., Wirtz M., Minocha S.C., Oppermann Y., Bouchereau A., Hell R. & Sauter M. (2010). Inhibition of 5’-methylthioadenosine metabolism in the Yang cycle alters polyamine levels, and impairs seedling growth and reproduction in Arabidopsis. Plant Journal, 62: 977-988. DOI

Gravot A., Dittami S.M., Rousvoal S., Lugan R., Eggert A., Collen J., Boyen C., Bouchereau A. & Tonon T. (2010). Diurnal oscillations of metabolite abundances and gene analysis provide new insights into central metabolic processes of the brown alga Ectocarpus siliculosus. New phytologist, 188(1): 98-110. DOI

Lugan R., Niogret M.F., Leport L., Guégan J.P., Larher F., Savouré A., Kopka J. & Bouchereau A. (2010). Metabolome and water homeostasis analysis of Thellungiella salsugineasuggests that dehydration tolerance is a key response to osmotic stress in this halophyte. Plant Journal, 64(2): 215-229. DOI

Maughan S.C., Pasternak M., Cairns N., Kiddle G., Brach T., Jarvis R., Haas F., Nieuwl J., Lim B., Müller C., Salcedo-Sora E., Kruse C., Orsel M., Hell R., Miller A.J., Bray P., Foyer C.H., Murray J.A., Meyer A.J. & Cobbett C.S. (2010). Plant homologs of the Plasmodium falciparumchloroquine-resistance transporter, PfCRT, are required for glutathione homeostasis and stress responses. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 107(5): 2331-2336. DOI

Renault H., Roussel V., El Amrani A., Arzel M., Renault D., Bouchereau A. & Deleu C. (2010). The Arabidopsis pop2-1 mutant reveals the involvement of GABA transaminase in salt stress tolerance. Bmc plant biology, 10(157): 20. DOI

Savoire R., Carre P., Chardot T., Lanoiselle J.L., Miquel M., Nesi N., Quinsac A. & Vorobiev E. (2010). Micro-pressing of rapeseed (Brassica napusL.) and Arabidopsis thalianaseeds for evaluation of the oil extractability.OCL Oléagineux Corps Gras Lipides, 17(2): 115-119.