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Members of the RCA team
Alain Bouchereau, RCA team leader

Alain Bouchereau, Senior Scientist

RCA team leader

Tel.: (+33) 2 23 48 51 37
Fax: (+33) 2 23 48 51 20



PhD Students

Héloïse Archambeau (nonpermanent)
Annick Bellamy (nonpermanent)
Christine Bissuel
Alain Bouchereau  
Erwan Corlouer (nonpermanent) 
Carole Deleu
Oumaima Hamzaoui (nonpermanent)

Anne Laperche
Françoise Le Caherec    
Laurent Leport    
Marie-Odile Lucas
Julien Navarro (nonpermanent)
Nathalie Nesi  
Marie-Françoise Niogret
Sophie Rolland
Coline Thomas (nonpermanent)

Elise Alix
Cécile Baron
Solenne Berardocco   
Vanessa Clouet
Anne-Marie Gouraud-Denis   
Solenn Guichard
Patrick Leconte
Françoise Leprince
Emilie Montès  
Bernard Moulin

Grégoire Bianchetti

Sylvain Dechaumet

Former collaborators

ALBERT Benjamin, PhD fellow – 2007-2011 – “Metabolic profiles of oilseed rape (Brassica napusL.) leaf development submitted to nitrogen deficiency and water shortage” – GENERGY project
AUGER Bathilde, PhD fellow – 2006-2010 – “Biochemical and molecular analyses of flavonoid metabolism in oilseed rape (Brassica napusL.) seed: towards the identification of key factors for seed coat pigmentation“
BLOQUEL Emmanuel, Assistant Engineer (field trial, phenotyping) – 2009-2010 – GENERGY project, now at INRA Corsica
BREGEON Michel, Engineer INRA (field trial, phenotyping) – 1973-2013 – now retired!
CONFOLENT Carole, Assistant Engineer (molecular biology) – 2010-2011 – GENERGY project, now at INRA PACA
JAMOIS Nolwenn, Technician (biochemistry) – 2011 – GENERGY project
MARCETEAU Edwina, Technician (biochemistry) – 2010 – GENERGY project
MONNERIE Bertrand, Assistant Technician INRA (field trial, phenotyping) – 2007-2012 – move to his cider company in September 2012
ORSEL Mathilde, Scientist INRA – 2006-2011 – move to INRA Angers in June 2011
THOMAS Justine, Assistant Engineer (molecular biology) – 2010-2011 – GENERGY project
ULYSSE Sendy, Master student – 2011