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Ongoing theses

Agathe Dutt

Impact of intercropping on biodiversity and adaptive dynamics in plant pathogens complexes
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Aude Rochefort

Link between seed microbiota and root microbiota: what impact on telluric parasitism?
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Benoît Bellot

Modelling ecological processes and agricultural landscape dynamics to explore the biological for biological control
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Camille Gautier

Plant root exudates as new bio-control products against nematodes.
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Cécile Thomas

Infection development, parasite trophic diet and resistance inductions: which roles and interactions in the establishment of partial resistances
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Cervin Guyomar

Development and application of bioinformatics tools for the metagenomic analysis of insect related bacterial communitites
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Corentin Sochard

Influence of microbial symbionts on insects behaviour and personality
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Gaëtan Seimandi Corda

Screening oilseed rape for resistance to the pollen beetle (Meligethes aeneus), from metabolomics to the field
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Gregoire Bianchetti

Impact of biotic and abiotic stresses on the acquisition of the nutritional and physiological quality of the "rapeseed"
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Laurence Albert

Impact of the agro-ecological infrastructures on the biological control of Dysaphis plantaginea and Cydia pomonella in French cider apple orchards
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