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Theses defended in 2016

Lamy Fabrice

Understanding and manipulationing chemical communication between plants and insects to protect crops: toward the development of a push-pull strategy...
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Mariette Nicolas

Life-history traits, adaptation and invasive ability of clonal lineages of Phytophthora infestans, the potato late blight agent
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Desgroux Aurore

Role of root architecture on genetic control of Aphanomyces root rot symptoms reduction in pea
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Eoche-Bosy Delphine

Genomics of Globodera pallida adaptation to potato resistances and consequences on life-history traits of the nematode.
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Leclair Mélanie

Symbiotic resistance in natural populations: maintenance, dynamic and alternatives
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Pollier Anna

Relation entre végétation des habitats semi naturels, pratiques agricoles et contrôle biologique des ravageurs de culture
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Marie Alexia

Influence of agricultural landscapes on the distribution and evolution of life history traits of natural enemies of pests
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Pelé Alexandre

Impact of ploidy level and genome evolution on the control of the frequency and distribution of recombination events in Brassica
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