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Les publications 2018

Revues de publication
Articles et chapitres d'ouvrage publiés en 2018 (mise à jour janvier 2019)


Bertho, S., Herpin, A., Branthonne, A., Jouanno, E., Yano, A., Nicol, B., Muller, T., Pannetier, M., Pailhoux, E., Miwa, M., Yoshizaki, G., Schartl, M., Guiguen, Y. 2018. The unusual rainbow trout sex determination gene hijacked the canonical vertebrate gonadal differentiation pathway. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 115 (50): 12781-12786 [DOI]

Bertin, A., Calandreau, L., Meurisse, M., Georgelin, M., Palme, R., Lumineau, S., Houdelier, C., Darmaillacq, A.S., Dickel, L., Colson, V., Cornilleau, F., Rat, C., Delaveau, J., Arnould, C. 2018. Incubation temperature affects the expression of young precocial birds' fear-related behaviours and neuroendocrine correlates. Scientific Reports 8 Article Number: 1857 [DOI]

Braasch, I., Bobe, J., Guiguen, Y.,Postlethwait, J.H. 2018. Reply to: Subfunctionalization versus neofunctionalization after whole-genome duplication. Nature Genetics 50 : 910–911 [URL]

Cheung, C.T., Patinote, A., Guiguen, Y., Bobe, J. 2018. foxr1 is a novel maternal-effect gene in fish that is required for early embryonic success. PeerJ 6:e5534 [DOI]

Cheung, C.T., Pasquier, J., Bouleau, A., Nguyen, T., Chesnel, F., Guiguen, Y., Bobe, J. 2018. Double maternal-effect: duplicated nucleoplasmin 2 genes, npm2a and npm2b, with essential but distinct functions are shared by fish and tetrapods. BMC Evolutionary Biology 18:167 [DOI]

Delord, C., Lassalle, G., Oger, A., Barloy, D., Coutellec, M.-A., Delcamp, A., Evanno, G., Genthon, C., Guichoux, E., Le Bail, P.-Y., Le Quilliec, P., Longin, G., Lorvelec, O., Massot, M., Réveillac, E., Rinaldo, Roussel, J.-M., Vigouroux, R., Launey, S., Petit, E. 2018. A cost-and-time effective procedure to develop SNP markers for multiple species: A support for community genetics. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 1-16. [DOI]

Elis, S., Desmarchais, A., Cardona, E., Fouchecourt, S., Dalbies-Tran, R., Nguyen, T., Thermes, V., Maillard, V., Papillier, P., Uzbekova, S., Bobe, J., Couderc, J.L., Monget, P. 2018. Genes involved in Drosophila melanogaster ovarian function are highly conserved throughout evolution. Genome Biology and Evolution  in press [DOI]

Fatira, E., Havelka, M., Labbé, C., Depincé, A., Iegorova, V., Pšenička, M., Saito, T. 2018. Application of interspecific Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer (iSCNT) in sturgeons and an unexpectedly produced gynogenetic sterlet with homozygous quadruple haploid. Scientific Reports 8(1):5997 [DOI]

Gay, S., Bugeon, J., Bouchareb, A., Henry, L., Delahaye, C., Legeai, F., Montfort, J., Le Cam, A., Siegel, A., Bobe, J., Thermes, V. 2018. MiR-202 controls female fecundity by regulating medaka oogenesis. PLoS Genetics 14(9):e1007593 [DOI]

Gribouval, L., Sourdaine, P., Lareyre, J.J., Bellaiche , J., Le Gac, F., Mazan, S., Guiardiere, C., Auvray, P., Gautier, A. 2018. The nanos1 gene was duplicated in early Vertebrates and the two paralogs show different gonadal expression profiles in a shark. Scientific Reports 8(1):6942 [DOI]

Ha, T.T.T., Huong, N.T.., Hung, N.P.., Guiguen, Y. 2018. Species Identification Using DNA Barcoding on Processed Panga Catfish Products in Viet Nam Revealed Important Mislabeling. Turkish Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 18(3): 457-462 [DOI]

Haffray, P., Enez, F., Bugeon, J., Chapuis, H., Dupont-Nivet, M., Chatain, B., Vandeputte, M. 2018. Accuracy of BLUP breeding values in a factorial mating design with mixed families and marker-based parentage assignment in rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss. Aquaculture 490 : 350-354 [DOI]

Hinfray, N., Sohm, F., Caulier, M., Chadili, E., Piccini, B., Torchy, C., Porcher, J.M., Guiguen, Y., Brion, F. 2018. Dynamic and differential expression of the gonadal aromatase during the process of sexual differentiation in a novel transgenic cyp19a1a-eGFP zebrafish line. General and Comparative Endocrinology 261: 179-189 [DOI]

Jagot, S., Sabin, N., Le Cam, A., Bugeon, J., Rescan, P.Y., Gabillard, J.C. 2018. Histological, transcriptomic and in vitro analysis reveal an intrinsic activated state of myogenic precursors in hyperplasic muscle of trout. BMC Genomics 19(1):865 [DOI]

Kiilerich, P., Servili, A., Peron, S., Valotaire, C., Goardon, L., Leguen, I., Prunet, P. 2018. Regulation of the corticosteroid signalling system in rainbow trout HPI axis during confinement stress. General and Comparative Endocrinology 258(SI): 184-193 [DOI]

Kiilerich, P., Geffroy, B., Valotaire, C., Prunet, P. 2018. Endogenous regulation of 11-deoxycorticosterone (DOC) and corticosteroid receptors (CRs) during rainbow trout early development and the effects of corticosteroids on hatching. General and Comparative Endocrinologie 265:22-30 [DOI]

Labbe, C., Haffray, P., Mingant, C., Quittet, B., Diss, B., Tervit, H.R., Adams, S.L, Rimond, F., Suquet, M. 2018. Cryopreservation of Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas) larvae: Revisiting the practical limitations and scaling up the procedure for application to hatchery. Aquaculture 488: 227-234 [DOI]

Lescat, L., Herpin, A., Mourot, B., Véron, V., Guiguen, Y., Bobe, J., Seiliez, I. 2018. CMA restricted to mammals and birds: myth or reality? Autophagy in press [DOI]

Maouche, A., Curran, E., Goupil, A.S., Sambroni, E., Bellaiche, J., Le Gac, F., Lareyre, J.J. 2018. New insights into the evolution, hormonal regulation, and spatiotemporal expression profiles of genes involved in the Gfra1/Gdnf and Kit/Kitlg regulatory pathways in rainbow trout testis. Fish Physiology and Biochemistry 44 (6,SI): 1599-1616 [DOI]

Prchal, M., Bugeon, J., Vandeputte, M., Kause, A., Vergnet, A., Zhao, J.F., Gela, D., Genestout, L., Bestin, A., Haffray, P., Kocour, M. 2018. Potential for genetic improvement of the main slaughter yields in common carp with in vivo morphological predictors. Frontiers in Genetics 9: 283 [DOI]

Prchal, M., Kause, A., Vandeputte, M., Gela, D., Allamellou, J.M., Kumar, G., Bestin, A., Bugeon, J., Zhao, J., Kocour, M. 2018. The genetics of overwintering performance in two-year old common carp and its relation to performance until market size. PLoS One 13(1) :e0191624 [DOI]

Rallière, C., Branthonne, A., Rescan, P.Y. 2018. Formation of intramuscular connective tissue network in fish: first insight from the rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). Journal of Fish Biology 93 (6): 1171-1177 [DOI]

Salaun, M.-C., Bugeon, J., Fatet, A., Hue, I., Hurtaud, C., Nédellec, C., Vernet, J., Reichstadt, M., Le Bail, P.-Y. 2018. Un outil au service de la standardisation des bases de données: les ontologies ATOL/EOL. Cahier des Techniques de l'INRA, 93, 1-7 [URL]

Schartl, M., Schories, S., Wakamatsu, Y., Nagao, Y., Hashimoto, H., Bertin, C., Mourot, B., Schmidt, C., Wilhelm, D., Centanin, L., Guiguen, Y., Herpin, A. 2018. Sox5 is involved in germ-cell regulation and sex determination in medaka following co-option of nested transposable elements. BMC Biology 16(1):16 [DOI]

Yilmaz, O., Patinote, A., Nguyen, T., Bobe, J. 2018. Multiple vitellogenins in zebrafish (Danio rerio): quantitative inventory of genes, transcripts and proteins, and relation to egg quality. Fish Physiology and Biochemistry 1-17 [DOI]

Chapitres d'ouvrage

Cheung, C., Bobe, J., Thermes, V. 2018. Maternal RNAs, fish and amphibians. In: Michael K. Skinner, dir., Encyclopedia of Reproduction (Second Edition). 251-256. Academic Press. 3868 p. [DOI]

Pan, Q., Guiguen, Y., Herpin, A. 2018. Evolution of sex determining genes in fish. In: Michael K. Skinner, dir., Encyclopedia of Reproduction (Second Edition). 168-175. Academic Press. 3868 p. [DOI]

Schartl, M., Herpin, A. 2018. Sex determination in vertebrates. In: Michael K. Skinner, dir., Encyclopedia of Reproduction (Second Edition). 159-167. Academic Press. 3868 p. [DOI]