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Application Programming Interface Landscape

JAVA library available under the CeCILL-C user licence. Toolbox made to create and manage dynamic landscapes. Designed and developped by Hugues BOUSSARD - SAD-PAYSAGE - INRA.

Boussard, H.; Martel, G.; Vasseur, C. 2010. Spatial links specifications in the APILand simulation approach: an application to the coupling of a farm model and a carabid population model, Montpellier 2010, LandMod2010. article, poster

Boussard, H. 2008. APILand: An object-oriented library of landscape constitutive elements. Principles and handling examples with java. in CNRS, editor. Symposium “Spatial landscape modelling: from dynamic approaches to functional evaluations”, Toulouse 2008, June 3rd-5th. 

APILand 0.9.3 (code, librairies et sources) : apiland-0.9.3.rar