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Carl Gaigné


Senior Researcher

Phone: +33 (0)2 23 48 56 08

Research topics

  • Globalization, trade, and the evolution of industry
  • Economic geography and environment
  • Organization, location and competitiveness

Recent publications

  • De Cara, S., Fournier, A., Gaigné, C. (2017).
    "Feeding the cities and the GHG emissions: beyond the food miles approach"
    in Journal of Regional Science 57(1), 75–108.
  • Gaigné, C., Larue, B. (2016).
    "Quality standards, industry Structure and welfare in a global economy"
    American Journal of Agricultural Economics 98 (5): 1432-1449.
  • Gaigné, C., Duvaleix-Treguer, S. (2016).
    "On the nature and magnitude of cost economies in hog production"
    Agricultural Economics 47, 465-476.
  • Gaigné, C., Riou, S., Thisse, J. (2016).
    "How to make the metropolitan area work? Neither big government, nor laissez-faire"
    Journal of Public Economics 134, 100-113.
  • Gaigné, C., Lemener, L. (2013).
    "Agricultural prices, selection and the evolution of food industry"
    American Journal of Agricultural Economics 96(3), 884-904.
  • Chevassus-Lozza, E., Gaigné, C., Le Mener, L. (2013).
    "Does input trade liberalization boost downstream firms exports? Theory and Firm level evidence"
    Journal of International Economics 90(2) 391-402.

Work in progress

  • Producer organizations and economic performance of hog farms (avec S. Duvaleix-Tréguer)
  • Gatekeepers to food market and firms' export margins (avec K. Latouche et S. Turolla)
  • On the choice of products and destinations by food firms (avec K. Latouche et S. Turolla)
  • Non-tariff measures and international trade. Evidence from firm data (avec C. Herghelegiu & A.-C. Disdier)
  • International trade and the eco-industry. Theory and evidence (avec L. Tamini)
  • Input trade liberalization, quality choice and industry structure (avec B. Larue)
  • Export decision under risk (avec J. de Sousa & A.-C. Disdier)
  • Vertical differentiation strategy of multi-product firms and international trade (S. Duvaleix-Tréguer, C. Emlinger & K. Latouche)
  • Housing size restriction, carbon emissions, and welfare  (avec L. Denant-Boemont)
  • The greenness of polycentric cities (avec L. Denant-Boemont & R. Gaté)
  • City size and risk of unemployment (avec M. Sanch-Maritan)
  • Social segregation in the city (avec H. Koster, F. Moizeau & J. Thisse)

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