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Alexandre Gohin


Senior Researcher

Phone: +33 (0)2 23 48 54 06

Research topics

  • Risk analysis in agriculture
  • Agricultural market and policy modelling
  • Computable general equilibrium models

Selacted recent publications

  • Carpentier A., Gohin A., Sckokai P., Thomas A. (2015)
    "Economic modelling of agricultural production: past advances and new challenges"
    Invited paper by the Review of Agricultural and Environmental Studies, 96(1), pp 131-165
  • Cordier J., Gohin A. (2014).
    "Quel impact des nouveaux spéculateurs sur les prix agricoles ? Une analyse empirique des fonds d’investissement"
    Economie Rurale, 343, pp. 29-51.
  • Gohin A. (2014)
    "Le changement d’affectation des sols induit par la consommation européenne de biodiesel: une analyse de sensibilité aux évolutions des rendements agricoles"
    Revue Française d’Economie, XXVIII, 165-212.
  • Gohin A. (2014).
    "Assessing the land-use changes and greenhouse gas emissions of biofuels: elucidating the crop yield effects"
    Land Economics, 90(4), pp. 575-586.
  • Gohin A., Rault A. (2013)
    "Assessing the economic costs of a foot and mouth disease outbreak on Brittany: A dynamic general equilibrium analysis"
    Food Policy, 39, pp. 97-107.

Work in progress

  • Carpentier A., Gohin A. On the economic theory of crop rotations: Value of the crop rotation effects and implications on acreage choice modelling.
  • Beghin J., Bureau J.C., Gohin A. The Impact of an EU-US TTIP Agreement on Biofuel and Feedstock Markets.
  • Cao R., Gohin A. On the macroeconomic impacts of climate change under informational failures.

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