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Production, Environment and Risk

Production, Environment and Risk

Group leader: Alexandre Gohin

Secretary: Françoise Auffray

The agricultural sector faces increasing price volatility, especially in Europe, and emerging demands towards sustainable production and consumption. Our research agenda on the theme of Production, Environment and Risk uses a combination of theoretical and applied methods to model farmers’ choices at the farm and sector level, and to model markets linked with the agricultural sector. We use production economics, microeconometrics, environmental and experimental economics.
We aim at analyzing the determinants and impacts of farmers’ choices on markets and on the environment to determine their consequences on the design of optimal policies regulating agricultural activities and markets.
Our activities consist of (i) modelling farmers’ choices and the determinants of technical change, (ii) modelling the evolution of the agricultural sector to simulate the spatial and long term impacts of economic and environmental policy tools, and (iii) identifying farmers’ attitudes towards risk, ambiguity and anticipations, to determine their impact on production and risk management choices.
Agricultural production and environmental impacts: Determinants of conversion to organic production and public policies; Crop rotation modelling; Soil fertility management; Biodynamic modelling of farmers’ behaviours in cattle breeding; Determining environmental indicators for farming and simulating agri-environmental policies; Farm technical efficiency;
Dynamics of the agricultural sector: Spatial agglomeration of farming activities and role of environmental constraints; Dynamics of agricultural revenues, farm structural change and inequalities; Modelling markets for inputs (land, labour, credit) and public policies;
Farmers’ behaviour towards risk and sustainable production: Dynamic modelling of markets under risk; Catastrophic risk and regulation; Elicitation of risk, ambiguity and time preferences and consequences on production choices; Non-market good provision.

Key publications

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