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Interactions - Structures - Functionalities

Protein and Lipid physico-chemistry team


Dr Saïd Bouhallab

Dr Saïd Bouhallab

Leader of Interactions Structures & Functionalities team
Phone: +33(0)2 23 48 57 42
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Proteins and lipids are the main components that drive the properties of food products. Through their spontaneous or induced structuration and the various involved interactions, they modulate techno-functional (texture, foams, emulsions), organoleptic and nutritional (digestibility, bioavailability) properties of the formulated products.

Context & Ambition

The ambition of the Interactions, Structures & Functionalities (ISFPL) team is to assess the exact role of food proteins and lipids in processed and formulated products and to discover their potential new properties as functional ingredients.

Our research objective is to understand how molecular interactions and structural modifications affect the nutritional and functional properties of proteins and lipids.

Our field of interest is to explore the main molecular mechanisms behind the macroscopic behavior of proteins and lipids.

Our strategies

Two kinds of research. We conduct both fundamental and applied research in tandem based on a multifaceted approach including multiscale, from molecular to macroscopic, multisystem, from purified components to complex matrices and ccombining experimental and theoretical works.

Research projects

  • Structural characterisation of proteins at interfaces and impact on foaming and emulsifying properties
  • Mechanisms behind the interactions and assemblies in heteroprotein systems that lead to phase separation processes
  • Role of heat-induced protein assemblies during sol-gel transition and acid gelation of milk
  • Secrets of milk lipids: chemical composition and structure of milk fat globules; milk fat crystallisation properties; mechanism of enzymatic hydrolysis, digestibility of milk fat globules and their structural changes during dairy processing.

Skills & Expertise

Structural biochemistry, Analytical biochemistry and Biophysics applied in both model (pure protein or lipid solutions) and complex (food matrix, cheese, and yogurt) systems.

Main technical facilities: Chromatography; Mass spectrometry; Confocal Scanning Microscopy, Fluorescence and Infrared Spectroscopy, X-ray Diffraction; Light scattering; Interface related techniques; Rheology; Differential Scanning Calorimetry; Isothermal Titration Calorimetry.


People ISFPL


Saïd BOUHALLAB (Senior scientist, Team leader)
Valérie BRIARD-BION (scientist)
Thomas CROGUENNEC (scientist)
Marie-Hélène FAMELART (scientist)
Fanny GUYOMARC'H (scientist)
Valérie LE CHEVALIER (scientist)
Stéphane PEZENNEC (scientist)
Florence ROUSSEAU (scientist)
Pascaline HAMON (technician)
Maryvonne PASCO (technician)

PhD Students: Alexia Audebert, Amira Halabi


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All results of Protein & Lipid Physico-Chemistry team

All results of Protein & Lipid Physico-Chemistry team