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UMR 950 INRA UCBN : Laboratoire d'Ecophysiologie Végétale, Agronomie & nutritions N.C.S.

Articles scientifiques


Gasperl A, Morvan-Bertrand A, Prud’homme MP, van der Graaff E, Roitsch T (2016) Exogenous classic phytohormones have limited regulatory effects on fructan and primary carbohydrate metabolism in perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.). Frontiers in Plant Science 6:1251

Marchand L, Pelosi C, Gonzalez-Centeno MR, Maillard A, Ourry A, Galland W, Teissedre PL, Bessoule JJ, Mongrand S, Morvan-Bertrand A, Zhang Q, Grosbellet C, Bert V, Oustrière N, Mench M, Brunel-Muguet S (2016) Trace element bioavailability, yield and seed quality of rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) modulated by biochar incorporation into a contaminated technosol. Chemosphere 156: 150-162

Volaire F, Ahmed LQ, Barre P, Bourgoin T, Durand JL, Escobar-Gutiérrez A, Fakiri M, Ghesquière M, Julier B, Kallida R, Louarn G, Morvan-Bertrand A, Picon-Cochard C, Prud’homme MP, Shaimi N, Zaka S, Zhouri L, Zwicke M (2016) Quelle est la variabilité intra- et interspécifique des caractères d’adaptation des espèces prairiales pérennes aux variables du changement climatique? Fourrages, 225: 1-9



Gasperl A, Morvan-Bertrand A, Prud’homme MP, van der Graaff E, Roitsch T (2015) A simple and fast kinetic assay for the determination of fructan exohydrolase activity in perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.). Frontiers in Plant Science 6:1154 

Ould‐Ahmed M, Decau M-L, Morvan‐Bertrand A, Prud'homme MP, Lafrenière C, Drouin P (2015) Fructan, sucrose and related enzyme activities are preserved in timothy (Phleum pratense L.) during wilting. Grass and Forage Science 72: 64–79

Zwicke M, Picon-Cochard C, Morvan-Bertrand A, Prud’homme MP, Volaire F (2015) What functional strategies drive drought survival and recovery of perennial species from upland grassland ? Annals of Botany 116:1001-1015

Ouvrages Scientifiques

Durand JL, Enjalbert J, Hazard L, Litrico I, Picon-Cochard C, Prud’homme MP, Volaire F (2015) Coordinateurs des actes du Colloque présentant les méthodes et résultats du projet Climagie (métaprogramme INRA ACCAF) Adaptation des prairies semées au changement climatique, 16-17 Novembre, Poitiers. ISBN : 2-7380-1383-X


Berthier A, Meuriot F, Dedaldechamp F, Lemoine R, Prud’homme MP, Noiraud-Romy N (2014) Identification of a new sucrose transporter in rye-grass (LpSUT2): effect of defoliation and putative fructose sensing. Plant physiology and Biochemistry 84: 32-44

Lothier J, Van Laere A, Prud’homme MP, Van den Ende W, Morvan-Bertrand A (2014) Cloning and characterization of a novel fructan 6-exohydrolase strongly inhibited by sucrose in Lolium perenne. Planta 240:629–643

Ould-Ahmed M, Decau ML, Morvan-Bertrand A, Prud’homme MP, Lafrenière C, Drouin P (2014) Plant maturity and nitrogen fertilization affected fructan metabolism in harvestable tissues of timothy (Phleum pratense L.). Journal of Plant Physiology 171:1479–1490

Niderkorn V, Ginane C, Dumont B, Andueza D, Le Morvan A, Decau ML, Morvan-Bertrand A,  Picon-Cochard C, (2014) Changes in forage quality of an upland permanent grassland under climate change including a summer extreme drought combined with a heat wave. Options Méditerranéennes Série A 109:201-205


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FURET P-M., BERTHIER A., DECAU M-L., MORVAN-BERTRAND A., PRUD'HOMME M-P., NOIRAUD-ROMY N. and MEURIOTF. (2012). Differential regulation of two sucrose transporters by light and defoliation conditions in perennial ryegrass. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, 61: 88-96.  (doi)   (correspondence)  

LATTANZI F-A., GAMNITZER U., WILD M., MORVAN-BERTRAND A., DECAU M-L., LEHMEIER CA., MEURIOT F.,PRUD’HOMME M-P., SCHAUFELE R., & SCHNYDER H., 2012. Fluxes in central carbohydrate metabolism of source leaves in a fructan-storing C3 grass – rapid turnover and futile cycling of sucrose in continuous light under contrasted nitrogen nutrition status. Journal of Experimental Botany 63:2363-2375.   (doi)   (correspondence)  


ABDALLAH M., ETIENNE P., OURRY A., & MEURIOT F., 2011. Do initial S reserves and mineral S availability alter leaf SN mobilization and leaf senescence in oilseed rape? Plant Science, 180: 511-520. (doi)   (correspondence)    

COMBES D., DECAU ML., JACQUET J., SIMON JC., SINOQUET H., SONOHAT G., RAKOCEVIC M., & VARLET-GRANCHER C., 2011. Simulating grazing of a white clover 3D virtual sward canopy and the balance between bite mass and light capture by the residual sward. Annals of Botany 108(6):1203-1212. (doi)   (correspondence

LASSEUR B., LOTHIER J., WIEMKEN A., VAN LAERE A., MORVAN-BERTRAND A., VAN DEN ENDE W., & PRUD’HOMME MP., 2011. Towards a better understanding of the generation of fructan structure diversity in plants: molecular and functional characterization of a sucrose:fructan 6-fructosyltransferase (6-SFT) cDNA from perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.). Journal of Experimental Botany 62:1871-1875. (doi)   (correspondence) 


ABDALLAH M., DUBOUSSET L., MEURIOT F., ETIENNE P., AVICE JC., & OURRY A., 2010. Effect of mineral sulphur availability on nitrogen and sulphur uptake and remobilization during the vegetative growth of Brassica napus L. Journal of Experimental Botany 61(10):2635-2646.  (doi)   (corespondence)   

LOTHIER J., LASSEUR B., MORVAN-BERTRAND A., & PRUD’HOMME MP., 2010. Hexokinase dependent sugar signaling represses fructan exohydrolase (FEH) activity in Lolium perenne. Functional Plant Biology 37:1151-1160.  (doi)   (corespondence)  


LASSEUR B., SCHROEVEN L., LAMMENS W., LE ROY K., SPANGENBERG G., MANDUZIO H., VERGAUWEN R., LOTHIER J., PRUD'HOMME M.P. & W. VAN DEN ENDE, 2009. Transforming a Fructan:Fructan 6G-Fructosyltransferase from Perennial Ryegrass into a Sucrose:Sucrose 1-Fructosyltransferase. Plant Physiology, 2009 149: 327-339.  (doi)   (corespondence)    

BERTHIER A, DESCLOS M., AMIARD V., MORVAN-BERTRAND A., DEMMING-ADAMS B., ADAMS W., TURGEON R., PRUD'HOMME MP., NOIRAUD-ROMY N. (2009) Activation of sucrose transport in defoliated Lolium perenne L. : an example of apoplastic phloem loading plasticity. Plant and Cell Physiology, 50 : 1329-1344.  (doi)   (corespondence)  


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JUCHAUX-CACHAU M, LANDOUAR-ARSIVAUD L, PICHAULT JP, CAMPION C, PORCHERON B, JEAUFFRE J, NOIRAUD-ROMY N, SIMONEAU P, MAUROUSSET L, LEMOINE R (2007). Characterization of AgMaT2, a plasma membrane mannitol transporter from celery, expressed in phloem cells, including phloem parenchyma cells. Plant Physiology, 145 : 62-74.  (doi)   (corresppndence)  

Chapitre d'ouvrage

PRUD’HOMME M.P., MORVAN-BERTRAND A., LASSEUR B., LOTHIER J., MEURIOT F., DECAU M.L., NOIRAUD-ROMY N., 2007. Lolium perenne, backbone of sustainable development, source of fructans for grazing animals and potential source of novel enzymes for biotechnology. In Shiomi N., Benkeblia N., Onodera S. (eds) Recent advances in fructooligosaccharides research. Research Signpost Publisher, Kerala. Chapter 12, pp 231-258.  (correspondence)  


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Publication technique ou de vulgarisation

SIMON J-C., AVICE J-C., PRUD’HOMME M-P., & A. MORVAN-BERTRAND, 2004. Fonctionnement des couverts prairiaux : 2- les effets physiologiques liés à la coupe. Guide de l’Herbe 2004. (correspondence)  



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Publication techniques ou de vulgarisation

VARLET-GRANCHER C., RAKOCEVIC M., SIMON J.C., JACQUET A., DECAU M.L., AVICE J.C., LE DILY F., PRUD'HOMME M.P. & H. SINOQUET, 2000. Impact de la défoliation sur l'architecture aérienne d'un couvert prairial (exemple du trèfle blanc). Rapport intermédiaire du chantier défoliation, 24 pages (correspondence)  


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Publication thecnique ou de vulgarisation

SIMON J.C., DECAU M.L. & F. VERTES, 1999. Dynamique des flux d'azote en prairie pâturée. Journée technique “Fertilisation azotée des prairies dans l'ouest” Rennes 27-39.


Publication thecnique ou de vulgarisation

SIMON J.C., DECAU M.L. & T. MORVAN, 1998. Facteurs de variation du devenir de l'azote des déjections bovines sur les surfaces fourragères. 5ème Rencontre Recherche Ruminants (Paris, 2 et 3 Décembre), 193-200.  (correspondence)



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Publications techniques ou de vulgarisation

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Chapitre d’ouvrage
OURRY A., DECAU M.L. & P. LAINE, 1996. Plant N uptake in relation with nitrate availability in soil. INRA/BBSRC meeting, INRA eds. (correspondence)


Publication technique ou de vulgarisation

DECAU M.L., 1995. Etudes sur la pollution nitrique en prairie dans l'Ouest de la France. Bull. PRIA, 62-63.  (correspondence)