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Equipe Agrohydrologie

UMR INRA/Agrocampus 1069 SAS
  (Sol Agro - hydrosystème Spatialisation)
  65, rue de St-Brieuc, CS 84215
  35042 Rennes Cedex - France

Tel : 02 23 48 52 22
  Fax : 02 23 48 54 30

Investigations at the plot scale, field scale and landscape scale of ecosystem processes controlling emissions, surface chemical processing, and deposition of reactive nitrogen species and climate relevant gases (NH3, HNO3, NOx, aerosol NH4NO3, N2O, CO2, CH4).

Trace gas flux measurements including chamber methods, micrometeorological techniques including flux towers (aerodynamic flux-gradient, eddy covariance), vehicle-based mobile platform for dispersion plume measurements.

Monitoring of atmospheric pollutant concentrations using a range of optical, spectroscopic, wet chemistry methods, as well as low-cost passive diffusion samplers and denuder/filter systems, as part of local, regional and international observation networks.

Development of soil-vegetation-atmosphere transfer (SVAT) and inferential (dry deposition) models; modelling of chemical interactions on vegetation surfaces controlling the exchange of NH3 and other key reactive pollutants between the gaseous and condensed phases.