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Agrohydrology team
 Tél : (+33) 02 23 48 52 27
 Fax : (+33) 02 23 48 54 30
 Joint Unit INRA & Agrocampus
 Soil Agro and hydrosystem
 65, rue de St-Brieuc
 CS 84215
 35042 Rennes Cedex - France

Senior Scientist


  • Join scientific director at the scientific direction in Environment in Inra. Soil and Water domain. Contributing to Agroecologie domain.  
  • Research topic: Transfer of water and chemical elements or particles in rural catchments. Dominant subsurface flow catchments. Solute transfer time. Coupling with biogeochemical processes (C,N P) (ORE Agrhys). Development of agro-hydrological models (Dream  and Acassya). Devlopment of the Nutting Models at Nationale scale (N and P emissions). Climate change and water quality (Climaster project). Landscape and agricultural management for water quality preservation (Territ_eau)


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Recent publications (2010-2015)

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