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Equipe : ASAE

Tél : 02 23 48 57 93
Fax : 02 23 48 54 30

UMR INRA/Agrocampus 1069 SAS
Sol Agro et hydrosystème Spatialisation

65, rue de St-Brieuc
35042 Rennes Cedex - France


Assistant-technology in agronomy and bioclimatology

Activities - Functions

  • Followed by breeding and culture experimentations, in experimental market.
  • Management of tests to the field : processings, amendments, crop.
  • Levy, conditionnement, processing and archivage of samples of vegetable, grounds, dung, waters (labeling, pesage, drying, broyage).
  • Setting or dismantling of simple experimental devices or with electronic machines sophisticated.
  • Maintenance of equipment.