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Highlights 2010-2015

  • Projects coordination of FP7 CANTOGETHER and SUSTAIN, projects ANR Acassya, Landsoil and Mosaic.
  • Christophe Cudennec was re-elected General Secretary of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences for a term of four years. (www.iahs.info3)
  • 2 price of Xavier Bertrand foundation of the Academy of Agriculture Walter 2010 Merot, 2013
  • LCA Food 2012 was the major scientific event on stroke in the food industry in 2012, bringing together 436 participants from 36 countries for three days.
  • Organizing the first international symposium on gas emissions and dust farms (EmiLi2012), bringing together 127 researchers from 27 countries giving rise to the coordination of a book. (
  • Inserting ORE AgrHyS in SOERE RBV - One of three home sites of perennial instrumentation of Equipex Critex (
  • The MEANS platform (Multicriteria Assessment of Sustainability) is dedicated to multi-criteria analysis of the sustainability of crop and animal production systems and agricultural processing.