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DESIRABLE (2013 - 2017)

DESIRABLE : DESigning the Insect bioRefinery to contribute to a more sustainABLE agrifood industry
  • Coordinator: Samir MEZDOUR (UMR 1145 GENIAL)
  • Period: 2013-2017
  • Funding: French National Research Agency (ANR)
  • Objective: the project aims to study and quantify the input of insect bioreactors in the valorization of underused industrial by-products by insect bioconversion upstream, and the relevance and sustainability of insects as a source of animal feed downstream.
  • Themes: Project Desirable aims to cover the new insect industry as a whole, from organic waste collection to the final consumption of fish and poultry. Focus will be made on the innovative bioconversion and separation unit. Lab-scale and pilot-scale experiments will be undertaken for every biorefinery component: insect rearing, insect transformation and meals formulation. The global vision will be brought by the realization of a deep Life Cycle Assessment of the system.
  • Contact at UMR SAS: Joël Aubin
  • Partners:
    • UR INRA 1303 ALISS
    • IPV IPV Food,
    • LEGS Laboratoire Évolution, Génomes et Spéciation
    • UR 1067 NuMéa
    • UMR 1069 SAS
    • URA 83
    • UE EASM 1206 U
    • UMR 1145 GENIAL
    • Ynsect