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 Aouissi, J.; Benabdallah, S.; Chabaâne, Z.L.; Cudennec, C. 2013. Modeling Water Quality to Improve Agricultural Practices and Land Management in a Tunisian Catchment Using the Soil and Water Assessment Tool. J. Environ. Qual. 0 (0): -
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 Carof, M.; Colomb, B.; Aveline, A. 2013. A guide for choosing the most appropriate method for multi-criteria assessment of agricultural systems according to decision-makers’ expectations. Agricultural Systems 115 (0): 51-62
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 Dupas, R.; Curie, F.; Gascuel-Odoux, C.; Moatar, F.; Delmas, M.; Parnaudeau, V.; Durand, P. 2013. Assessing N emissions in surface water at the national level: Comparison of country-wide vs. regionalized models. Science of The Total Environment 443: 152-162
 Gicquel, A.; Francez, A.J.; Delhaye, T.; Gruau, G.; Hallaire, V.; Binet, F. 2013. Understanding the fate and linkage of N and S in earthworm-engineered peat soil by coupling stable isotopes and nano-scale secondary ion mass spectrometry. Biogeochemistry 112 (1-3): 165-177
 Hassouna, M.; Robin, P.; Charpiot, A.; Edouard, N.; Méda, B. 2013. Infrared photoacoustic spectroscopy in animal houses: Effect of non-compensated interferences on ammonia, nitrous oxide and methane air concentrations. Biosyst. Eng. 114 (3): 318-326
 Hmimina, G.; Dufrene, E.; Pontailler, J.Y.; Delpierre, N.; Aubinet, M.; Caquet, B.; de Grandcourt, A.; Burban, B.; Flechard, C.; Granier, A.; Gross, P.; Heinesch, B.; Longdoz, B.; Moureaux, C.; Ourcival, J.M.; Rambal, S.; Saint Andre, L.; Soudani, K. 2013. Evaluation of the potential of MODIS satellite data to predict vegetation phenology in different biomes: An investigation using ground-based NDVI measurements. Remote Sensing of Environment 132: 145-158
 Loubet, B.; Cellier, P.; Fléchard, C.; Zurfluh, O.; Irvine, M.; Lamaud, E.; Stella, P.; Roche, R.; Durand, B.; Flura, D.; Masson, S.; Laville, P.; Garrigou, D.; Personne, E.; Chelle, M.; Castell, J.-F. 2013. Investigating discrepancies in heat, CO2 fluxes and O3 deposition velocity over maize as measured by the eddy-covariance and the aerodynamic gradient methods. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 169 (0): 35-50
 Middelaar, C.E.; Cederberg, C.; Vellinga, T.V.; van der Werf, H.M.G.; de Boer, I.J.M. 2013. Exploring variability in methods and data sensitivity in carbon footprints of feed ingredients. The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment
 Molenat, J.; Gascuel-Odoux, C.; Aquilina, L.; Ruiz, L. 2013. Use of gaseous tracers (CFCs and SF6) and transit-time distribution spectrum to validate a shallow groundwater transport model. Journal of Hydrology 480: 1-9
 Mompelat, S.; Jaffrezic, A.; Jardé, E.; Le Bot, B. 2013. Storage of natural water samples and preservation techniques for pharmaceutical quantification. Talanta 109 (0): 31-45
 Nguyen, T.T.; Doreau, M.; Eugene, M.; Corson, M.S.; Garcia-Launay, F.; Chesneau, G.; van der Werf, H.M. 2013b. Effect of farming practices for greenhouse gas mitigation and subsequent alternative land use on environmental impacts of beef cattle production systems. Animal 7 (5): 860-869
 Nguyen, T.T.H.; Doreau, M.; Corson, M.S.; Eugene, M.; Delaby, L.; Chesneau, G.; Gallard, Y.; van der Werf, H.M.G. 2013a. Effect of dairy production system, breed and co-product handling methods onenvironmental impacts at farm level. Journal of environmental management 120: 127-137
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